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We offer a wide range of services for your every need.


Construction services audio and video for different kinds of events (ceremonies, parties, essays, etc.,)

Video production in HD (high definition) on support BluRay

Riversaggio movies between different media (e.g. VHS to DVD)


Photographic prints (sizes of your choice)




Restoration of old photos

Construction photo Book

Realization of photographic services for various events (ceremonies, parties, essays, etc.,)

Retail sales of frames and accessories for photography (films, cameras, batteries, etc)


Customization of a wide range of gadgets, pillows, mugs, puzzles, tiles, watches, grambiuli, t-shirts, magnets, pins, mirrors etc

Funerary Art

Fotocoramica, (Round, Rectangular, Oval, heart-shaped, paper and parchment).

Ceramics, on the true porcelain of high quality.

Photo retouching and souvenirs of mourning plasticized with a wide range of adjustments compiuterizzati and backgrounds for any subject.

graphics , even images that have been severely damaged can be retrieved and become the perfect fotoceramiche



From a simple Copy-and-white black and color, binding and the basis of small content, email, business cards, flyers, pieghievoli and printing on a variety of digital media


Bags for events


bags with the confetti theme for any event cards, memory, etc.,